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Hunting areas start outside of the town limits, although the more sought after spots are at the edge of the Rockies one hour away from the Town of Sylvan Lake. Licenses are required and can be purchased through a local guide.

Hunting for big game such as Deer, Elk, Moose and sheep, generally starts mid August and ends in December

Camping can be done year round either in or around the surounding areas of Sylvan Lake. There are many designated campgrounds near the cottage to choose from.

Camping equipment can be rented but has to be pre-arranged From rental companys in the area. Your choices range from large motor homes to trailers that you tow behind your vehicle. You can even tent it if you feel like roughing for a weekend or a week. All you have to do is bring your family and your food!

. Fishing
- Local fish include Northern Pike, Perch, various species of trout, Wall Eye, Ling-cod, Sucker (type of catfish)
- Fishing equipment is available for rent or purchase
- Local guides are also available
- Licenses are required but are readily available

Snowmobiling & Quading
Most quading & snowmobiling is done about an hour west of Sylvan Lake where the Rocky Mountains start. Quads and snowmobiles can be rented but must pre-arrange. Skill levels will definitely influence where you want to go. Trails are just starting to be developed.Trails are available.


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